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Optimism: Timeless Self-Help from Helen Keller
Springfield, Massachusetts - June 28, 2004 - Helen Keller overcame the obstacles of both deafness and blindness when her teacher Anne Sullivan taught her the word "water." Many are seeking - through self-help books and seminars - assistance with their own lives. Keller wrote her life theme of optimism in My Optimism. Today share her optimism. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Keller's graduation from Harvard on June 28, 1904.

Helen Keller attributed her own accomplishments to her optimism. With fortitude and determination she did not let unchangeable circumstances determine her fate, but she decided to make the most of life. She even saw benefits in being deaf and blind! Keller has left us with a legacy of overcoming through living optimistically. She attributed the accomplishments of others to optimism. These accomplishments include:
Sailing to uncharted lands,
Opening a new heaven to the human spirit,
Searching the treasures of darkness,
Realizing practical effects in life, and
Transforming by mighty leaps forward.

Elim Books shares her optimism in the book Our Optimism. With quotations from Keller and accomplishments from the past century, her optimism in My Optimism, has become Our Optimism. To commemorate this anniversary Braille copies of Our Optimism will be mailed to select schools, organizations, and libraries that service blind and visually impaired individuals. Keller's timeless optimism is inspirational self-help.

Kimberley Converse said, "We considered how we could best honor Helen Keller - her words and her life - and we needed to make her inspirational words accessible to the blind first." There are plans to reach a wider audience with a print version of Our Optimism next spring.

Keller wrote, "The man of letters whose voice is to prevail must be an optimist, and his voice often learns its message from his life." Overcoming deafness and blindness, Keller lived her optimistic message. A hundred years later, Helen Keller's voice prevails and beckons to us to achieve great things. Today share our optimism.

Our Optimism
a century of achievement, a future of advancement
Braille ISBN: 1-893689-03-4
Publisher: Elim Books
E-mail: optimism@pioneervalleywebs



cover of Our Optimism, Helen Keller et al
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